Habits of Losing Horse Punters

Habits of Losing Horse Punters

If you are looking for a shortcut rule for succeeding in horse racing it is essential to examine what many individuals do then do the precise opposite! The bulk of punters exists to kick money onto the pot for the professionals to be at the top of every race day.

In the below article we will learn about the habits of losing horse punters

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There is a documented saying: “Fail to plan and you propose to fail”. A punter without an idea is a sort of a ship without a rudder. In racing an honest plan means identifying the quantity of cash and breaking that goal down into monthly or weekly targets. Without an idea, you have got no way of measuring your success.


Losing punters can happen now and then but it would not happen consistently. Disciplined investors search for smaller daily returns that they compound (by gradually increasing the dimensions of their betting bank) over a variety of months then years.


Losing runs are a part of every profitable betting system. Successful betting investors will run through these because they know a winning run is going to be just around the corner. A losing punter, however, may abandon a profitable system after a couple of losing days, robbing himself of an income stream that would go well into the longer term. Now is closely associated with point 1: work the plan and be secure within the knowledge that losing runs are going to be a part of that plan. Consistent and constant action is the hallmark of future profitability.

Losing Horse Punters


Have positive expectations of high returns but do not confuse this with getting greedy. There are two common scenarios for the losing punter: he is going to be having a successful day, on the other hand, abandons he decide to choose the large score which may often erode or eliminate his gains made earlier within the day or he is having a losing day and tries to recoup his losses on an equivalent day. This “throwing good money after bad” is that the single worst trait of a losing punter. As a knowledgeable investor, you would like to remain far away from it in the least costs.

Not – Disciplined

Having an idea, patience, being consistent, and keeping your greed in restraint all amount to zilch unless you adhere to every one of those facets strictly. The law is simple: if it works, do not change it! The temptation will come to possess a flutter on a horse with positive media coverage or surrounded by favorable rumors and betting a couple of dollars on such horses is OK but do not lose sight of your main objective – making consistent profits using the principles outlined in your betting plan.

That is all of them. Regardless of which betting plan you finish up adopting, confirm you avoid the pitfalls outlined above. As a final word, grant a little blessing to the habitual losing punters: the more there is of them, the better it is for the folks to earn more money!